I’ve never heard the name Sherman be repeated so many times in a day, even less a week. Last time I heard that name numerous times, it was being shouted by the grandma in “The Nutty Professor.” Is all this attention needed for what was said in the postgame interview?

Richard Sherman, one of the best and most talked about player since joining the league in the 2011 NFL Draft. Also, for being in the league such a short period of time, Sherman has been involved in more than a few controversial situations.

In 2012, after a Seahawks win over the New England Patriots, Sherman claims that Tom Brady told him and Earl Thomas III to find him after the game when his team (New England Patriots) wins the game. After upsetting Tom Brady’s prediction, Sherman found Brady in which he taunted the quarterback with “U mad bro?” Also in 2012 before a matchup vs. Detroit, Sherman named himself Optimus Prime, taunting Detroit’s WR Calvin “Megatron” Johnson.

In 2013, Sherman was upset that he wasn’t selected to make, what would have been, his first appearance in the 2013 Pro Bowl. He then was involved in a feud on Twitter between him and CB Darrelle Revis. Sherman stated that he was “best cornerback in the league, and better than Revis.” This went on for about a few weeks when Cleveland Browns CB Joe Haden got involved in the feud. Haden replied that he was the no.2 cornerback in the league behind Revis, and ahead of Sherman.

Not to mention the intense and fiery argument that Sherman had on ESPN First Take with Skip Bayless. Sherman went on to tell Bayless “I’m intelligent enough and capable enough to understand that you are an ignorant, pompous, egotistical cretin. I am going to crush you on here because I am tired of hearing about it.” To add on, he also claimed that he was “better at life” than the First Take analyst.

Should we all be surprise and give all this attention to something that is typical for Richard Sherman? Sherman is an outspoken person with a lot of pride. When you work in a competitive industry, your testosterone will run very high, especially after an emotional and meaningful game as the NFC Championship. Sherman just spoke his mind in the heat of the moment. We need to understand as well that Sherman is a well-educated person, having attended Stanford University. Sherman knew exactly what he was doing when he had that rant on the postgame interview with Erin Andrews. He wanted to catch the attention of not only Crabtree and the San Francisco 49ers team, but also the attention of every organization that will face him and his “Legion of Boom” defense. He’s making a statement to all the offenses in the league, he is calling them out.

Lucky for Sherman, he will be playing the best QB in the league, Peyton Manning, in the biggest game of them all, under the lights, all eyes glued to the TV, for the Feb 2nd Dance, Super Bowl XLVIII.


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